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Depersonalization Disorder: Overcoming Attack And Getting Over It

Depersonalization is a psychological disorder like depression and it can affect anyone that has suffered from trauma and from lack of social support.

Individuals experiencing depersonalization feel detached from their own personal self by sensing their body sensations, feelings, emotions, behaviours and many more as not belonging to the same person or identity. A person that seems to have the feeling of depersonalization associated with a migraine, anxiety, epilepsy, and the likes may still be having just the symptoms and cannot be considered as having the disorder as yet. Depersonalization disorder or DPD is diagnosed when these symptoms recur often and are consistently affecting the person, thus, altering the daily routine or activity.

What can you do then now to fight depersonalization and recover from it, and then be back to the usual you?

Most of the testimonies of individuals who have suffered depersonalization disorder crisis have said that you cannot find the cure for it, yet you have to face it and respond to the attack positively to keep it off. It means to say that you have yourself to mainly fight your way out of the disorder by reversing its effect on you to weaken its control and power over you.

Do not fight the attack of depersonalization, at the moment, let it sink in and believe that you will become better and better to invite positive thoughts. It is already there, and the more you give in and let yourself be its slave it will encompass you, therefore, start eliminating the things that stress you as that can trigger the attack of depersonalization. Do something that will take your mind off of the feeling of depersonalization and refocus on things that you love to do and begin doing them again.

Think of ways to better express yourself and if socializing is still hard, do something that will change your current state of mind, like drawing, coloring, exercising or anything to keep you busy and occupied until you slowly feel revived. Most of all, stop worrying and find the courage to divert your thoughts on positive things because negativity will only pull you back down.

Always remember, no pain no gain, therefore, since this way to freedom from depersonalization is not a one-stop process, you have to be patient and continue the belief of being able to get over the disorder.

Having a therapist in the process of getting rid of your depersonalization will go a long way as you will not only have someone to share what you are feeling, you can also confide so that you can be guided and aided on your way to freedom from depersonalization.

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